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Water + Sanitation

= For a Flourishing Community.

The generosity of Kizimani’s donors has allowed us to invest in drilling a bore hole and water well that can serve more than 300 families. Our plan for 2023 and 2024 is to build the holding tank and piping that will take this water directly to or closer to the homes of the actual users.

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Our Program Model

In the village of Kivaani, clean water is always expensive, even for the most impoverished families. They can either spend hours daily collecting polluted water from a seasonally dry steam bed which is 5+ miles away, or they can buy water from an unreliable delivery truck once or twice a week, if they have the money. Kizimani’s water program will make clean water available at an affordable price so that even the most marginalized families in the community can afford it. 

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