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Our vision.

Kizimani serves a rural community in Kangundo, Kenya with five life-affirming programs to empower this village to flourish. Because when its people flourish, the community flourishes.

Water + Sanitation = For a Flourishing Community

People flourish when they have access to clean water and sanitation.


Our vision is that community members have access to clean water and sanitation facilities and have best-practice knowledge of healthy water-related behaviors. Our drilled bore hole water well serves 300+ people. Bathroom facilities for marginalized families are the next step. Because of these initiatives, our communities will have reduced incidences of water-borne diseases and access to safe water, allowing for changed lives and a flourishing community.

Kiz water.jpeg

Clean Water – A Game Changer for Family Health!


Moms are making no more trips to a dry river bed for dirty water. For the first time... families have clean water through a water well near their homes. Our next step is to create piping that will carry the water to convenient locations, including individual properties. The water system will be supported through the fees paid by our customers, thus making this a locally sustainable enterprise.

Health Care = For a Flourishing Community

Communities flourish when people are healthy. And this will happen with access to health care.


Our vision is for everyone to access affordable health care through a Kizimani Mission Clinic that offers basic care, preventative medicine, and pharmacy services. Our flourishing wellness and outreach programs contribute to making our community a place where better health and wellness are understood and detrimental cultural behaviors have changed.


We are known for our competent staff of qualified medical personnel who demonstrate compassion and skill. Our health care services and other enterprises (e.g. morgue/burial services) are becoming financially profitable to help subsidize basic medical care to the most vulnerable in the community. Our quality care and health education initiatives have data to show how the health of the community is greatly improved.

Kiz medical care (1).jpeg

The health needs of people are met through the Kizimani Mission Clinic providing basic medical care.

Education Scholarships = For a Flourishing Community

Communities flourish when children flourish. And children don’t flourish without an education.

Our vision is for vulnerable children and youth to access education scholarships (K-12), regularly attend school, and complete primary school with improved academic performance. Kizimani staff work with the child and their family to remove barriers to their progress and to provide spiritual guidance for their life challenges. Our future Kizimani Learning Center is a hub for tutoring, vocational training, income generation projects, and skill development for youth and adults.  

Kiz school kids.jpeg

Children in impoverished communities like Kivaani cannot attend school because they cannot afford the fees, uniforms, and tuition. Without an education, children have no hope of ever breaking the cycle of poverty. But an entire generation of children can attend school with education and our support. 


Our goal is that every child has the opportunity to attend school from kindergarten through high school graduation, so they are prepared to move into vocational training or university.

Youth and adults achieve gainful employment through a Kizimani Learning Center, where they can take vocational training classes.

Enterprise = For a Flourishing Community

Communities flourish when people have work and can earn a decent living. And people don’t have jobs unless there is enterprise.

Our vision is for youth (8th grade+) and adults to have vocational and enterprise training opportunities to achieve gainful employment or establish a business. This includes apprenticeships, business mentoring, and business startup financial support.

Individual households, and the entire community, recognize that with enterprise training, they have a pathway out of poverty so they are actively engaged in building sustainable income-producing opportunities. Mindsets have changed, and their personal initiative and hard work have enabled them to exceed a poverty level income making it possible for them to meet their own basic needs without outside assistance.

kizimani chickens.jpeg

Youth and adults flourish through entrepreneurial training and financial assistance to start profitable new businesses.

Spiritual Formation = For a Flourishing Community

Communities flourish when people are transformed through Christ. They don’t flourish without understanding God’s love for them.

Our vision is that Kizimani positively impacts the community’s spiritual well-being through biblical teaching, prayer, and an everyday demonstration of compassion and love. Our biblical teaching has resulted in a visible transformation in the community and the emergence of spiritual leaders among men, women, and youth as they participate in spiritual formation, church attendance, and prayer. 

The community sees attitudes and actions change as people commit to Christ and grow with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The mindset of people is changing from orphanhood to being a child of God, from poverty to abundance, and from curses to blessings. Widows are supported and cared for, and spiritual formation practices advance the gospel.

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The spiritual life of individuals is thriving through Bible studies, day camps, and widow support programs.

Service trip.

Our next service trip to Kenya is July 1-13, 2024.

Please contact us for more details.


Partner with the practitioners at the Kizimani Mission Clinic to deliver critical services.


Help build or maintain a community-based business, or train a future entrepreneur in a skill.

Spiritual Formation

Provide biblical education to children, youth, and adults through a Kizimani camp.

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