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Spiritual Formation

= For a Flourishing Community.

Kizimani does not replace the role of local churches, which provide Sunday worship and other services. However, we invite individuals and churches to come together for larger events and programs in the community that will support evangelism, discipleship, and a vibrant spiritual life in the community.

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Our Program Model

This will be done through…


Youth Camps – Our educational scholarship recipients and vocational education students will be required to attend youth camps throughout the year. These camps will provide mentorships and immerse students in the word of God as the guiding light for their lives.


Kizimani Worship and Prayer Days – On a regular monthly basis, Kizimani will host a worship and prayer day for the community featuring bible teaching, worship, and prayer for the community and its needs. We believe this can bring peace, hope, and prosperity to the community.


Bible Studies – We will offer regular weekly Bible studies with our staff and other program participants to address pressing issues of family life, marriage, raising children, and understanding God’s word.

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