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About us.

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Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Miriam and Janet watched their widowed mother, Monica, constantly reach out to help others even though her life was not without challenges.


Knowing that a good education was the only way to a sustainable life, Monica was committed to ensuring that all five of her children got a good education. The girls remember a lean upbringing with plenty of laughs. The one thing that stood out to them was the generosity of their mother. She modeled the grace and privilege of serving others and making a positive difference for them.


When Monica retired and moved from the city to a rural community in Kangundo, Kenya, she was struck by the plights of grandmothers raising children who HIV AIDS had orphaned, and AIDS widows struggling to raise children as they attempted to cope with their own health issues. She rallied the community to come alongside these women and their families.

Miriam and Janet got involved and invited others to explore avenues to empower the women to access the means to provide for their families. Their sister Nelly stepped in to manage the growing community-focused programs in Kenya.

What we believe.

If a community is to flourish, its people need to flourish. We empower impoverished villages in Kenya to become flourishing communities.

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Building flourishing communities.

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Led by God's compassion, we are committed to ending poverty by building flourishing communities through water, health, education, enterprise, and spiritual formation.

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We are compelled to serve with great compassion – an integral expression of our faith in our strategies, partnerships and community relationships.


Strengthen trust by listening and empowering communities to identify and design solutions that meet a felt need.


We go beyond conventional ideas and implement culturally responsive solutions that achieve impactful and sustainable change communities we serve.


We hold ourselves accountable for our work's quality and lasting results, and strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by partners and donors.

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