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Education Scholarships

= For a Flourishing Community.

Kizimani provides educational scholarships to as many children as we have funds to support. These academic scholarships are need-based and help level the playing field so that all students in the community have a chance at education. 


There are 500 children in the community of Kivaani. We support 65, and we aim to achieve support for all 500. The cost per child to provide tuition, fees and a uniform is only $100 per year.

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Our Program Model

Children with Kizimani education scholarships will advance to high school or they will continue their education with vocational training. Our hope is that many of these students can attend college or university and if they don’t, that they will gain the skills to lead to employment or revenue-producing skills to pioneer businesses.


Overall, the drop out rate is reduced, morale is high, students are hopeful and motivated, family members support their student’s achievements, and everyone sees a pathway out of poverty through education.

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