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Thanksgiving Gift of Love

Please help us raise $10,000

On Giving Tuesday, November 28, to

install water storage tanks and a solar-

powered water pump for the communities

served by Kizimani in rural Kenya.

You helped us drill a water well for the community in Kivaani, Kangundo.

                                            Thank you !!

For this community to have easier access, the water must be

pumped into tanks with a capacity of 40,000 liters. We will

install a solar-powered pump to deliver the water to 4 tanks to

help meet the daily demand for clean water.

Please support this worthy cause.  

The cost of one water tank is $530 (We need four tanks) 

The cost of the solar panels and supporting tank structure is $7800

We believe communities thrive and flourish when

their members access clean water, sanitation facilities, and

knowledge of healthy water-related behaviors. Partner with

Kizimani to make a sustainable difference in the quality of life

for the members of this rural community.


To help Kizimani's efforts to build thriving and

flourishing communities.

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