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Health care.

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Meet Kamene

Kamene is a widow whom Kizimani has supported over the years in rural Kangundo, Kenya.

With your support, Kamene receives subsidized medical care at the Kizimani Mission Clinic and a monthly provision of two weeks’ worth of food to ensure she never goes to bed hungry. Kamene was also receiving support from her only son, who unfortunately passed away last year, leaving behind a wife, Mueni, and four children, aged 4 ,6, 8, and 14, who have moved in with her. They are all sharing one small room made of bricks with minimal necessities.


Your donations ensure that Kamene’s grandchildren’s education is not interrupted due to a lack of tuition.

Kizimani community workers are exploring opportunities for gainful employment for Mueni, her widowed daughter-in-law, to empower her to support her family. Mueni’s family has also been absorbed into the Kizimani feeding program until she can provide for them.

Kimimani's holistic approach to interrupting and addressing the complexity of chronic poverty is made possible by your generous donations. For Kamene’s grandchildren, lack of tuition would present an insurmountable barrier to getting a formal education, which would, in turn, perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Your partnership is pivotal to Kizimani’s mission to work with families like Mueni and change the trajectory of their lives.

Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families and the other 43 elementary to high school students Kizimani is educating in this community.

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